Using Scene Guides to Better Control AI Product Photoshoots

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Bijan Vaez
Bijan Vaez

Scene Guides act as a blueprint for AI product photos, providing structure & refined outputs. They ensure composition control, balance & proper camera angles. See how you can put them to use and better control your AI generated creations.

Understanding Scene Guides for AI Product Photography

Creating a unique & engaging AI product photo requires use of a few tools to get your desired shot. Among the most impactful is the Scene Guide. Think of Scene Guides as a blueprint—guiding your AI photoshoot towards a more refined and polished output by providing structure to your AI image. With a foundation set by the Scene Guide, your prompts further steer the details, refining the final photo.

Why Scene Guides Elevate Your AI Generated Product Photos

In traditional eCommerce product photography, composition is one of the most important skills to learn to get high-quality photograph. Scene Guides are effectively composition control for AI-driven image generation. Let's dive into the pivotal reasons you'd want to embrace Scene Guides and set up your composition:

  1. Consistency and Control: Scene Guides offer a solid foundation, ensuring your product photography maintains a uniform structure while still giving room for creativity.
  2. Perfect Proportions: In eCommerce product photography, it's all about balance. Products shouldn't overpower the scene, nor should they fade into the background. Scene Guides help strike this balance, ensuring you can lay out your product proportionally in the scene you are creating.
  3. Guided Camera Angles: Camera angles can make or break a photo. With Scene Guides, you can ensure the perspective always complements your product, enhancing its overall presentation.

Mastering Scene Guides for Enhanced AI Photoshoots

Harnessing the full potential of Scene Guides is part art and science. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough to make the most of this feature:

  1. Pick Your Scene: On the left panel, sift through the 'Scenes' and pick a template that resonates with your product and brand. If you have requests for Scenes you would like to see, please let us know!
  2. Angle Alignment: To seamlessly blend your uploaded product photo, ensure the angle taken of your input product photo follows the Scene Guide’s camera perspective.
  3. Resize and Reposition: Place your product on the Scene Guide outline. The goal is to ensure a natural blend between the product and its AI-generated backdrop.
  4. Craft Your Prompts: The beauty of AI-driven virtual photoshoots lies in the prompts. Here's where you can really let your product shine. Guide your AI with adjectives and imagery that match your brand's voice. Whether it's the ambiance, color palette, or lighting—every word steers the outcome. Read our prompting guide for more tips.

To illustrate, check out a range of AI product photos we've created using Scene Guides. Each showcases diverse range of themes, from colors to textures. Yet, there's a cohesive structure, thanks to our trusted compositions being defined by the Scene Guide.

Multiple product images with the same composition

Added Benefit: Similar Backgrounds for Cohesive Cataloging

When curating a product catalog, consistency is paramount. You want your potential customers to have a smooth browsing experience, where products aren’t just aligned in purpose, but also in presentation. Scene Guides come to the rescue:

  • Locked Structure: By setting a particular Scene Guide for your photoshoots, you ensure a standardized structure across multiple product photos.
  • Consistent Theme: With similar prompts coupled with a pre-decided Scene Guide, every product gets portrayed against a similar background or scene, creating a harmonious visual theme.
  • Brand Identity: This consistent imagery not only enhances user experience but also fortifies your brand identity.

Using Scene Guides to maintain a similar background across AI product photos can elevate the entire aesthetic of your e-commerce platform, making it a potent tool for enhancing brand consistency.

Studio product shots with similar backgrounds

Expert Tips for AI Photoshoots

  • Space matters: Your AI product photography should always spotlight the product, ensuring it's neither overshadowed nor squeezed.
  • Angle Consistency: Align your product's perspective with the scene to create cohesive and realistic AI product photos.

Taking Virtual Photoshoots to the Next Level with Scene Guides

In the dynamic world of AI product photography, Scene Guides offer a streamlined path to perfection. They're the bridge between your vision and the AI's capabilities, ensuring every product shot is on point.

With Scene Guides and tailored prompts, you're equipped to consistently produce captivating, realistic, and brand-aligned product shots.

So give it a try today with We’re excited to see what you create.