Product Image & Content Ideas

Health & Wellness Product Images Simplified

From natural deodarants to vitamins, supplements & everything in between, we’ve got you covered. You have an amazing product and we have the tools to help you showcase it.

How to use ProductShots to create Health and Wellness Product Images


Select a product photo

Import your existing product pack shot or simple photo you already have. Just make sure your product is fully visible, it’s well-lit, and has a simple background taken straight on at eye-level


Upload your product photo to remove the background

ProductShots will immediately remove the background, transforming your product photo into a versatile asset to start setting up your AI photoshoot. Once we have this asset we can easily repurpose is for new Instagram, social, email or ad content.


Position your product on the canvas

By default your product will be placed into the center of the frame. You can resize, reposition and rotate your product on the canvas to create a variety of different styles of images from a single asset.


Select a template or build your own custom prompt

You can choose from dozens of pre-built templates that automatically generate a scene around your product. Or, simply use our guided prompt feature to type in the scene, color, lighting, and style of the photo. You’re the art director now and our AI will do the rest!


Generate and download your new product shots!

ProductShots will use our custom AI models to create unique and fresh visual content for your product. Keep hitting ’Generate’ and you’ll get an unlimited amount of new content made just for your product.