Automated merchandizing for ecommerce marketplaces

Standardize and create content for thousands of SKUs across your catalog. Fully automated with no copywriting or photo shoots required.

Used by companies like:

WazoWayfairHome Depot

Standardize your product images

Create standardized product images for every SKU that have consistent cropping, framing, and lighting without spending any time doing manual retouching.

AI Product Image Standardization

Enrich metadata across your catalogue

Extract metadata from source images and data sets to create enriched, standardized product data that is ready for export to your DAM and PIM.

AI Metadata Enrichment

Generate stunning lifestyle photos

Generate in-situation product lifestyle photos that are on-brand, without any costly photoshoots.

AI Photo Generator

Full oversight of AI content creation

Your team has complete observability on all images generated, allowing you to approve, reject or modify the outputs. And the system learns from this feedback to improve future generations.

AI Content Creation

Works seamlessly with your DAM & PIM

Pull your existing product catalogue data from where it lives today, and send it back with the push of a button


Automate all of your merchandizing tasks

Background removal
Utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms, this tool seamlessly erases backgrounds, enabling the creation of striking, high-definition product photos that grab customer attention.
Generate missing metadata
Generate missing values on product SKUs using AI to derive this information from existing product data and images.
Shadow creation
Automatically generate realistic shadows, adding depth and lifelike quality to your product photos
Background generation
Create unique, converting product images for your online store, social media, and marketing campaigns.
AI Optimized Descriptions
Write missing product descriptions, SEO optimize your descriptions, or re-write existing content to fit your brand’s tone and style.
AI object removal
Professional photo editing is now accessible to everyone. No more complicated software, no more waiting for days to get your images edited.
Photo upscaling
Transform standard product photos into high-resolution, striking visuals that engage potential customers and drive sales.
Image resizing
Adjust product photos to fit various marketing needs, from marketplace listings to social media posts
Automate content audits
Audit product catalog data for completeness, accuracy and brand-adherance using AI.

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